L.P. Srl is a manufacturer of flexible pipe in PVC by extrusion way. The company Is present on the market since 1976, and has reached an optimai presence in the nationai and intemationai market.

We have formed a real professional team, young but with contrasted expenence and dynamic commìtted.

We make use of modem technology to assure the best qualtty of products to our customers. This permits us expand constituency of our customers all around the Europe, U.A.E. Pays and Egypt.

We have formed an extensive and expenenced commerciai at national and intemational levei. The biggest activity of the company is processing of softened PVC. Most of production represent air compressor hose, suplly and discharge hose for washing machines, shower hose, garden hose and different type of industrial hose.

We are dynamic company. Qur management takes care of every single customer. We are ready to help you in choosing the best product for you regarding your requirements. We are able to conform your demands and produce any special kinds of hose to meet your requests accurately.